The impetus for starting a blog came from seeing a neighbor moved into a nursing home. Most of her belongings, her life, essentially, was hauled unceremoniously to the curb to be pawed over by strangers and pissed on by dogs. It was immensely sad.

I learned that this woman’s children helped her save the things she most wanted, but I realized it could very well happen that I, without children, could die or become incapacitated in the not-too-distant future, and have no-one interested in saving anything of mine that’s not worth money. Most is not.

I have accumulated a number of notebooks, not to say random scraps of paper, and envelopes with bits of information or insights I thought worth writing down at one time or another. So, rather than come up with something new to write in a blog, I thought it would be just as legitimate a use if I were to collect and try to organize all these old writings. It might be therapeutic. I know that some of the old stuff I’ve come across recently is much kinder to my self-image than memory reports. It might even generate comments, or spark discussion, which would be great, (or not). But at least I’ll know that these writings won’t only end up as a soggy, unread mess in the gutter.


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